Greetings people!

As you can see I started to post some of the texts I wrote earlier.

This will allow me to come back in writing things because since November, even though I have plenty ideas and a 4th novel ongoing in French, I couldn’t write.

So, I tried to do it in my « Emotional language » which is English.

I don’t know why, it’s easier for me to express what I really feel.

I speak English all the time (well almost), so I guess that’s the reason when I have a « roadblock » in French it’s easier for me to express myself in English.

I just got back from a short period of break among my family members in France.

Saw my nephew, my cousins and godmother and really I think it was the best time for me to go back there for the New Year.

Lately I realized that I miss them so much that I really don’t want to be separated from them as I used to.

Just a butt kicking …and I’m happy I got it before it was too late.

They’re just like brothers and sisters to me.

Can’t really explain the relationship we have.

Love them … that’s all…

And you perfectly know that « Love is all »…



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