Greetings folks !


Things aren’t that OK.

Still no inspiration in French and a lot of work is coming for the « Brussels Book Fair » in February.

I’ll be there with the Publishing company I founded with a friend to promote our books and those from others authors.

I’m a bit frustrated not to be able to write and free my mind.

I’m just happy that I have this little bubble here to express myself freely.

I’m currently working on the translation of the first novel.

Well I’m reworking the Firsts chapter I already did.

Sara, my English little helper, did a tremendous job, and I’m following her advices, so it takes time.

The energy is low, but I’m keeping up the work to go further.

What you may not know is that I have a daily job, so I work from 7 :30 am to usually 4 :30- 5 :00 pm (sometimes even later, but well I don’t count those hours, which leads me to an average of 45 hours a week).

Then I have to go back home and it usually takes me about two hours and a half to drive 60 km (around 96 miles).

So days are long and with all the work to do energy goes fast, so recharging the batteries becomes tricky.

In two days, I’ll go get inked again, let’s see that as a free space bubble.



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