Getting Inked again…

Yesterday was the moment I got my second tattoo.

In fact the decision was taken back in November.

Wait NO! It was taken the day I got my very first Ink, two and a half years back.

In France. This summer was my own « Hangover movie »


I’m connected to Kathalyne on Facebook.

You might not know her, but she is a very talented artist. She’s the lead singer of Louiz, a hugely talented photographer and a gorgeous woman.

One year ago I just started to notice some tattoos done by her boyfriend Bob on her profile and I instantly fell in love with his drawings.

He opened a salon called « L’atelier clandestin » that was first only for him and his work, but after Kate decided to add some womanly vibe to it and added a collection of retro/pin ups clothes collection.

So, in November, I contacted the salon, just out of the blue with no particular idea of what I wanted exactly.

I gave blurry indications and let the master do his magic.

I wanted something unique. The main theme had to be green.

And he draw that :


 Hell yes ! I can see you face : It is gorgeous !

Magic happened !

So yesterday, was the D-Day.

I woke up at 7, drank at least four coffees, chose an outfit that could allow mister Bob to work, got my waterproof make-up on.

Yes, you never know.

Even though I didn’t feel pain the first time, I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t this time.

Why ? I don’t know… I always have to prepare for the worst.

I arrive at Jambes (you can literally translate that by legs, and yes people in Belgium are quite funny with their town names, we have another one called « Bouge » which means : MOVE)

First problems : Parkings.

You have to pay for 2hours, and then move.

So, I tricked the city and went on the movie theatre parking.

Not good, but hey… didn’t feel like ditching Bob in the middle of a tattoo to change parking place…

They are really nice people and put you directly at ease.

We joke, listen to music, talked a lot.

If you want a tattoo, and you’re in Belgium ?

Just go there !

Here is the facebook page link and some pictures.

These are the properties of « L’atelier Clandestin »



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