« Dear Diary » #7


My name is Martin, I’m twelve years old.

Six months ago my neighbour just took off.

I lost my best friend Jodie. Not lost, but she is not my neighbour anymore and I’m afraid she will forget me.

We have computers and phones to keep in touche and she is only one hour away, but anyway I’m going to miss her.

End of December, people just bought the house next door. I just saw an old man. He was at least forty years old.

For a loner, he had quite loads of stuff. A huge truck full.

Beginning of January I just noticed someone at the window on the first floor.

She was so pale. She smiled at me very nicely and waved quickly before disappearing.

That put my curiosity up to a level it never was.

Well I tried to see her the next day, but she didn’t show up until the day after.

She wrote that her name was Siobhan. I guess she was Irish. That could explain she is so pale.

When I talked to my parents about her, they told be I must have dreamed because Mister Moore didn’t have any children.

I maintained that I saw her , but they just simply told me to stop telling stories.

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