« Dear Diary » #8


San Francisco, January 20 2015

Dear Diary,

Mister Moore lies on the floor since yesterday.

I don’t know what to do, he asked me not to touche the land-line phone.

He says that no one must know that I’m here.

He says I’m in danger because Dory sent people to hurt me.

I don’t believe him. Dory wouldn’t do that. Dory loved me.

Now he is hurt, and I need to call for help, but if he wakes up and discover I disobeyed, I’ll be punished … severely…

I don’t want to be punished, because I might get the room upstairs again soon. He told me so ! And I believe him.

Lately he seems really upset, and brought a lot of girlfriends home.

I heard them giggling, but he never introduced me.

Thinking of it, I don’t who I am for him. I’m just me.

Your Siobhan

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