« Dear Diary » #9


Hey !

What are you doing on my front yard ?

This is private property !

Who called you ?

Dory ? I don’t know any Dory ! I’m alone here !

I’m perfectly fine ! Go away or I will call the police !

There’s just one person that could have called the ambulance.

Siobhan… She is just too smart.

I drank too much. Shit happens sometimes and I can’t blame her for panicking.

This situation needs to change. I cannot hide her anymore. She’s getting older and doesn’t take my explanations for granted.

People think I’m crazy because I talk to myself. But I’m not, I just don’t like people in general. The only love I ever had was my Dory. But she had to go. I couldn’t stand anymore the fact that she spent her time upsetting me. And, then we ran away.

We had to. For the girl and for myself.

We need to live hidden as much as we can. Siobhan is all I have left and I won’t let anyone try to take her from me.

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