« Dear Diary » #10


San Francisco, January 27 2015

Dear Diary,

Four days ago after writing I didn’t know what to do about Mister Moore, the latter woke up grumbling.

In the meantime I had already called 911, saying my name was Dory, the housekeeper.

It is funny to see how much this incident has affected him.

I heard him talking about letting me go outside, and saying that he would never let anyone taking me away from him.

Is this what we call love ?

I’m happy to believe so. He also said I was all he got left.

But what I don’t understand is « what » am I for him.

We don’t look alike, so I don’t think I’m his daughter and he is too young to be my Grand Dad.

Dory and I looked a bit alike, but I’m not sure we were related, but if we were not, and if I’m not related to Mister Moore, where are my parents ?

I’m back upstairs, so he kept his word, but I’m still not allowed to go to the window yet. I’m sure it will come.

He is changing. I can feel it.

I need to prepare the supper

Your Siobhan.

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