« Dear Diary » #12


San Francisco, February 03rd 2015

Dear Diary,

Lately things improved with Mister Moore. I’m happy. I cannot explain what happened in his mind, but I won’t complain.

He let Martin visited me yesterday. He is very nice and funny.

He didn’t stay long, but I think I will see him tomorrow. Mister Moore asked him not to talk about me to the other children of the neighborhood, at least not yet.

Martin likes baseball a lot. He tried to explain to me the rules, but in vain. So, we decided that when I’ll be able to go out he will teach me how to play, this way the rules will print in mind easily.

He’s going to show me his card collection. Last year, his father brought him back a signed card from “Matt the Bat” (Matt Williams) from the Giants. He says it is his treasure.

I told him he was lucky to have a treasure because I didn’t.

Isn’t it funny that now I have the impression that knowing him is some kinds of one?

I never had any friends. A part for you …or Dory … Well… I like to think she was. It comforts me.

I tried to talk about Dory to Martin, but Mister Moore arrived, so I stopped.

It’s for the better. Not sure I’m allowed to and I don’t want to spoil the chance I have to interact with someone from outside.

See you in a couple of days.

Your Siohan

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