« Dear Diary » #13


My name is Catherine. I’m looking for my granddaughter, Sinead.

She must be thirteen years old now.

Have you seen her?

She disappeared one day. She was playing in the park with my other granddaughter Dorianna.

Ria was fifteen at the time. Now she should be twenty-five.

She was a beautiful teenager with golden hair and bright blue eyes.

Sinead, at the contrary was dark haired with greenish-brown eyes. A real specific color.

Knowing Dorianna, she might have skipped the park and went meet her friends at the local mall, and that’s alright as long as she took care of the baby girl. And, I know she did.

Why am I so sure?

Because no one remind them being in the park. So… we tried the mall and the security guard told the police he might have seen them. But after checking the camera, it was a dead end.

They don’t have any family left, but me. I’m not in good health.

Please if you meet them, tell Dorianna I’m not mad. Tell her to come home.

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