OK … 24 hours a day isn’t enough.


Lately I’ve had so many things to do that I totally noticed that the day was trickily too short.

You get to do something, you blink and then ten hours disappeared, and Bloody hell you don’t know where.

During the week, I think it is just normal the time flies as I have, as I already told earlier, a full-time job, plus several other activities.

But during the weekend you might think the time will linger a bit more.

You couldn’t be more wrong…

It flies even quicker.

For example, I was working on the translation of the first part of my novel and suddenly I got my boyfriend calling me and asking me if I wanted to have supper now or a bit later.

I said, now, because my stomach was howling at the moon since quite a bit, but as a bug bite can sting, I realized what he just said : Supper?

Are you kidding? I looked outside and it was plain dark.

I look at my watch and saw what I could even imagine: 7:30pm. It was 7:30pm! I was working on this translation for about 10 hours.

Yes I did a tremendous job to and went quite far (Sara if you come over this page: no no I’m not ready or satisfied enough to send you back the chapters ^^ ).

At least I’m happy with the title for now…

Shorter, but quite good, in my opinion. I’ll check it with some Native speaker advisors.

I’m not disclosing anything for the moment. I prefer doing so when I’m sure I can.

When this will be ready to be published.

See you next time!



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