« Dear Diary » #15


San Francisco, February 07 2015

Dear Diary,

I’m so happy ! You cannot imagine how much !

With Martin we have a lot of fun, he comes every other day.

Mister Moore seems less upset and less scared of the outside world, I think Martin’s Mother is the reason. Maybe he will let me go out soon.

I can reach the window, but Martin is the only child I’m allowed to talk to. I think now he got over Dory and that he agrees to live again.

OH ! Martin got me a goldfish ! I know it sounds silly, but I couldn’t get a cat or a dog, so he thought a fishy wouldn’t do any harm. I named him : Tom. He has the face of a Tom…

Yes, goldfishes has special faces for special names.

Don’t mock me ! I can hear you laugh at me.

Anyway… I love having a friend, it’s fun.

Tomorrow Martin is going to bring a video game. I never played, I really it is interesting !

Talk to you soon.

Your Siobhan.

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