The perk of talking two languages


As many of you know, I speak French and English. I tend to think and dream in English so some might say English is my “mother tongue” and I’m quite alright with this.

The fact is, I was born and raised in Belgium (The French part), so I also speak Voltaire’s language.

This open a lot of perspective, as I noticed that I’m not afraid to add some other languages in the texts I write.

Example: Within the trilogy, you will find French, English Spanish, Italian and Russian.

I’m quite curious about the other cultures and the way they express themselves, it put things into other perspectives and open your mind to the rest of the world.

I also started to learn Irish (Gaelic), not only to be able to write things in my books but also be able to pronounce correctly things I’m not used to. In case you come from Mars: Irish is just the most difficult language ever, wish me luck or send me a Leprechaun!

Speaking two languages doesn’t mean you know both of them perfectly, so even if you thought your novel in English and wrote it in French, this doesn’t mean the translation will be smooth because sometimes you just use slang where you shouldn’t and sometimes you use old words where you should use slang or new one.

Example: Cad. Does it ring a bell to you?

Apparently it is an old word and I could have used : Dog or bounder (not sure the last one is recent enough).

Anyway, the journey is just about to begin and I’m happy I took the step to come talk to you.



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