« Dear Diary » #16


My Name is Joan McDermott. I’m Martin’s Mother.

First I wasn’t sure about this Mister Moore, he seemed a bit strange and had no manners at all.

When Martin told me he saw a little girl at the window, I thought my son made that up because how could he possibly know her name while she was just staring at him through the window.

I thought he was looking for an excuse to go disturb the new chap next door, but he insisted so much that the poor Mister Moore finally came to ask my permission for Martin to go play with this poor little Siobhan. He said she was ill and couldn’t go out, but what I don’t really understand is why Martin doesn’t have to take some precautions. The boy told me he was just coming in the little girl’s bedroom. No germ suit protection, nothing. Until now I never met her, but tonight I’m going to have some pasta “a la Moore”. We approach the 14th of February, I suspect him to plot a date. But as I could do myself, he wants to be sure about what to expect.

Well I better dash find some new dress to wear, I wouldn’t ruin the impression.

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