Can you blow my whistle ? I wanna boom bang bang with…

Well, living in a French speaking (in part) country, is quite interesting when you hear the Radio stations programming.

Not long ago I was stuck in my car among a flood of other vehicles in a most sticky traffic jam I ever encountered and for the first time I paid attention to the programming of my favorite station.

First there was a song from Bruno Mars:

“Just the way you are”

So sweet love declaration, just the one we all want to hear from the one we love (and the one we never get most part).

Then I noticed a change and we skipped to Flo Rida… and his “Whistle”. Oh nice it changes from the so-common-rudy-dirty-names such as D***, W****, C*** and others I won’t bother to write.

Let’s say he tried to be poetic for once…

But, did the person at the Radio know the meaning? Oh I won’t complain, if you don’t listen to the lyrics you can easily sing that out loud, I did and I kind of love that song, don’t get me wrong.

But I found the order a bit suspect.

After singing out loud the art of blowing a whistle… came the time Mohombi mysteriously declared:

“I wanna boom bang bang with your body yo!

We’re gonna rough it up before we take it slow

Girl lemme rock you rock you like a rodeo

(Its gonna be a bumpy ride)”

Now clearly the entertainer had a message to send to someone.

What caught me, was the picture I had when I heard THAT:

“On top of my love gain and youre gonna get it tonight

Im focused im ready girl im gonna give it to you right”

It seems that the girl as a target sign glued to her bum and that the “target” is locked.


Well, when you’re in the car, yes you have to pay attention to the road, but when you pay attention to the lyrics and the order the speaker had put them, you know he wanted to state is point of view on something or made a private joke.

I truly hate traffic jam, but I truly love is small moments of fun it can bring.



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