« Dear Diary » #17


Hey you over there !

Yes, you seem lost in the neighborhood. I observed you and I know you’re sneaking here for the past fifteen days now. Who are you? A journalist? A cop? A PI? If you are one of them say to the old goat that Dory left and that I don’t know where she is!

She ain’t be kidnapped, she ran away! And, she did it again with me! She RAN AWAY!

I may not have a master on investigation nonsense, but I can smell trouble when I see one and you’re one! Such a strange gut feeling.

Don’t ever try to talk to Siobhan, the only person allowed to are: Mrs. McDermott, her son and me!

If you’re not one of those “dirt-bags”, then leave us alone, everyone is fed up to cross your way over here. You ask too much question for a simple tourist.

GO! Leave us alone!

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