« Dear Diary » #18


San Francisco, February 16 2015

Dear Diary,

Everything is over. I won’t be able to see Martin again. Mister Moore told me we had to move.

Again. Far. In another country. I’m tired of hiding myself.

I want to go meet other children for more than a month. I want to scream out loud and breathe the fresh air in.

I want Dory to come back.

Mister Moore is acting weirdly since he talked to a guy outside. He is angry all the time and yell at me.

He gave the fishy back to my friend and I’m just so sad.

We’re leaving tonight. We’re leaving without a single thing. No furniture, no DVDs, no book.


I’m just allowed to take my “Stitch” cuddly toy because I can’t sleep without it.

Oh dear Diary, I’m afraid he might do something stupid.

He is coming…

Catch you later

Your Siobhan.

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