Crazy People

“No we’ll never gonna survive unless we got a little crazy”

That’s what Seal said… or at least his lyricist…

Clever guy… I didn’t pay much attention to the details before, but it appears that people are quite… yeah… crazy.

They try to appear the way they’re not just to trick you. To get into your private life and at the end disappoint you.

But you know what? I think it gives me some material to write more. And, to be honest to have more victims in my stories because let’s face it when someone gets to you to use you and ditch you on the side once they’re done, if you’re an Horror, Thriller, Police novel writer they appear to be your next victim.

The one you will be delighted to make suffer until the end.

Do I scare you? I hope not because you know it’s better on the paper than in real life. I would have been one of the most proficient Serial killer if I didn’t have the writing to purge all the bad feelings some people are talented to grow deep inside you heart.

For now I hope the period coming will be peaceful, and full of joy and good news.

I’m perfectly fine. I can look myself in the mirror. I can smile again.

Therapeutic writing is my thing and you know what? I thank each maniac I met during my life to bring me inspiration.

And believe me… I met a lot of them…



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