« Dear Diary » #19


They’re gone again. They hit the road late on the 16th.

No one knows where they went, but they surely did it quietly.

All their personal belongings are still in the house like Mister Moore and Siobhan were just out for a few hours.

They were never loud, but this time, it seems even quieter than it has ever been.

Martin is crying sitting on the doorstep, outside their house. Siobhan didn’t even say goodbye. Seeing him like that is just so heartbreaking that each neighbor tries to comfort him without success.

His mother doesn’t bother too much. According to her they just left for vacation because who would live a houseful when you’re moving away?

According to the news they found a body in Seattle… A Jane Doe who might be the missing girl we see on the milk carton.


Poor girl… Lying in a park under a bush…

A jogger with his dog discovered her…

Joggers always find bodies…


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