« Dear Diary » #20


Canada, somewhere in the deep dark forest. Are we the 22nd of February 2015 ?

 Dear Diary,

Six days now we left San Francisco. We drove a long way without making any stop.

Too long for me, I was a bit sick and couldn’t be more stressed.

This very moment I knew that all was about to change. Mister Moore just became suspicious about everything. About everyone. Even me. He keeps saying: I MUST NOT talk to strangers. If one of them asks me if I’m ok, I don’t even respond or look at them.

I should play the deaf/non-speaking child. It’s horrible because I want to call for help and say that he’s gone mad. But I’m afraid. Afraid of everything he might do.

In the news we heard that they found a body nearby our old house in Seattle . Mister Moore just shut the radio down and told me once again to sleep. But I couldn’t. I could feel his anxiety and I’m not ready to undergo such emotions soon.

We crossed the Canadian Border without problem, but I don’t think it calmed him down.

No, he kept driving far, now it’s snowing. I don’t really like it. It’s very dangerous on the road and I don’t think Mister Moore is the pilot he needs to be on such conditions.

The girl they found is called Jane Doe. It’s just a funny “weirdy” name, don’t you think ?

I think it is… really.

Maybe I just have to find some things to keep me amused. Life is just not that fun in a speeding car. Before we used to sing a lot…

Well I leave you for now and talk you back as soon as we finally make a stop somewhere.

Your Siobhan.

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