Being taken for a fool


It’s weird when you have this particular sensation that someone just… used you like a Kleenex…

I feel a bit… confused about all that, but well I guess I looked for it… and just acted in a non-reflective way.

Not me at all… Not at all…

They say you learn from your mistakes and I think it is true.

So I’m sure I won’t be doing the same mistake again. Well I hope so. Because I’m the kind of girl that is doing the mistake at least ten thousand times before acknowledging it is a real one. And that kind of thing usually keeps me the head under the surface quite for long…

And I’m not getting stronger, no. I’m getting a bit more damaged every second. Every minute.

I tend to go into my safe zone. My bubble. And I need time to recover.

So yes I feel a bit like a fool for the moment. This will change soon I hope…

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