PLEASE7E11 (1)

I had to disappear for a while.

The Bronchitis last longer than expected and a lot of things were coming with it, such as a break up after ten years. So, I needed to take a break from the virtual world.

Last weekend I was invited at a book fair in France (Bondues Lilles area) and I met quite some very interesting people. All in different fields and that’s what’s very exciting.

Now I need to get my life back on track and so I’m doing quite a lot of selection:

Trash Non Trash : Ex’s or mine.

Sometimes I would like just to have to flick and switch the wand to put all these steps behind me. I’m already looking for an apartment, but we still need to sell this bloody house.

Anyway life goes on and the “Dear Diary” will be back as soon as I have more time to write.

Wish you a wonderful day!


One thought on “Sorry

  1. Ken says:

    Wish you well in life Lily, it’s always sad when a relationship breaks up, I know with 3 failed
    marriages. But remember life goes on. Your always our friend. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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