« Dear Diary» #25


Yukon, What’s the point of knowing dates anyway

They didn’t find me. Or us. I’m sorry about that because I really hoped I could have a soft and warm bed again. We’re now hiding in a farmer cellar. He kindly agreed to let us spent a couple of nights here.

He has cows. And, two horses. I don’t know their names yet, but if we stay here a bit longer than what Mister Moore said, I will probably ask to see them from closer.

I know that we will always be runaways because Mister Moore did something wrong, but I certainly hope that someday, they will forget about us.

Once again, I wish Dory was here. Sometimes I miss her and the way she calmed me.

Cuddling on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and sometimes during summertime we would have S’mores.

I love S’mores. Do you?

See you later.

Your Siobhan.

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