In a world like this… I don’t care if I don’t look pretty.


Now that I accepted my flaws and don’t hide my quirks anymore, I think I’m on the right path to accept myself completely. Even if the health isn’t at the highest I just go forward and think that life is amazing and that I can do whatever I want to forget the dark past.

Because I have to admit that yes my past was dark and quite all the buddies and friends I had, went away without any reason (I thought).

Apparently they had and now, I better understand why.

I wake up… wake up… wake up… slowly but, I do and opportunities look good.

I was trapped and now I can just navigate freely around the people I want without having this impression that an eye is watching me constantly.

I started to write lyrics again… in French. Long time I didn’t for the same reason. No inspiration, no motivation. Now I’m getting back to what I am and I just want to pursue in this direction.

Lyricist, French and English. Book Author and Publisher. I now my future is in the artistic world I always knew it. And, whatever it will take, I’ll keep holding on.

I also opened my heart and I let people I wouldn’t let come in because I care about them maybe more than I should. But I truly think they are the best present life has given me the past five years.

I don’t care if it’s wrong or right, I don’t care to be burnt because their presence is just enlightenment in my daily life. I just embrace the “Right now”.

They are the best support and I’ll keep cherish them as long as…they will want me as a part of their lives.

When I say “they” it is too much… it’s just … anyway…

I tried Hypnosis recently and I think it is a huge part of this change in my life as much as the Law of attraction. I truly believe that thinking positively now will bring a positive future and positive relationships.

Veganism is also part of my life now and, I just love it.

Well enough for the news. I’ve got some writing work to do !

So that’s all Folks!



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