« Dear Diary » #26


I managed to get us in a safe place.

The little one loves it here. There are animals everywhere. I couldn’t keep here in the barn for more than two days, she was dying to see the cows and ponies from a closer perspective.

The old chap who runs this place is very nice with her. He allowed us to stay a bit longer for her to have a good rest. I don’t rest. I don’t sleep much. I always keep an eye on her. I would die for her. I’d kill for her. He doesn’t care we’re runaways and that’s good because he doesn’t treat us differently from the other people.

I even help him on his duties. I think he is happy because he is alone to do everything around here since his wife passed away. His children don’t even care. They’re in a big city in Europe. I don’t remember where and frankly I don’t even care as long as the little one has all she needs to be happy.

I may be gruff. But I do really care about her.

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