Hot hot hot


I’m a northern girl, I like sun, but in a moderate amount. If it’s going over twenty-five Celsius degree (77°F) I will be burning from the inside and be knocked out as you can be when you don’t have the strength to do anything.

Except if you have a cool summery breeze (the king of breeze you have in South of France of example. Not the Mistral, but the light cool breeze).

The problem is in Belgium once it’s hot, it becomes non breathable. You have literally NO cool air. Only heavy hot wind pushing you down.

I’m not made for such weather. I’m a nothern Girl, Belgian, Irish blooded. Coastal Breeze lover.

So, I had quite a rough time these past days as a lot of you surely had.

But what’s wrong with the weather? I’m not complaining, but I just can’t go out with a weather like that without having the impression that I’m gonna die any time soon ! I lost 13 kilograms (Around 26 pounds) in the last eight weeks. I just don’t want to imagine what it would have been with them on ! Well I can relate two years ago I had them. But I cannot imagine getting back to this point.

I can’t stop hydrating myself, with fizzy, plain or coconut water. Watery fruits and veggies.

But what about the people who doesn’t have this habit ?

Well enough talking nonsense. I’m happy summer is here, because it brings back some joy and light into our lives.

I think I also see the end of the tunnel with my ex relationship and I’ll be able to erase him from my new life soon.

Let’s keep the hopes up because we need to be honest, this relationship has never been a healthy one.

I hate to hate him. But it’s a truth I can’t deny. And, maybe a step I need to take to erase his presence in my mind knowing he deliberately lied to me about the other girl. Because he erased me so quickly after ten years that I’m sure he never loved me. This was all a lie.

So now I’m taking my life back on track. Crossing fingers health situation will follow.

Well I’ll go back to my book… I’m reading quite an interesting one for the moment.

See y’all


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