Short-Novel-Me – The decision is taken.


OK, I’m in.

In what, exactly? The creation process and research of the “Dear Diary”cover. This means it will be out in 2016.

I decided that the translation of the trilogy would take too much time SO I stepped out of my comfort zone and expended a bit the story you’ve read here so far.

This doesn’t mean you won’t read new posts of the “Dear Diary” series, no! This means that what you’ve read will be completed by other texts.

Same plans as announced, the publication will be in numeric first. Let’s see for a paper version later.

I’m hesitating on the illustration I want because I really want something specific and all I’m able to find is… boring. Really boring. Something you’ve already seen elsewhere.

I’m kind of a picky person. I like to control a lot of things the creation process. Not in the writing process. This is different.

Oh don’t worry, for those who are still waiting for the trilogy I won’t give up. I just want to take some time to do it correctly and as “Dear Diary” is something I’m writing directly in English, it’s easier for me to pursue this project for now and maybe if it has its small success in English, I will translate it in French who knows.


Things are on the right path. I don’t have much time to concentrate on other things for the moment as I got a lot of work for the publishing company and other personal issues to sort out before being fully back.

For those who already read the 27 parts. What would you imagine as a book cover?

See y’all!


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