Novel ongoing: Good news, isn’t it?


OK OK, Longtime no see, but if you could even know what’s going on in my life for the moment, you wouldn’t be so shock I remained silent.

Well as silent as I could. I’m really working on the “complete” version of “Dear Diary” and it’s not easy for me to be short.

So, I can hear you… Why writing a short novel when you cannot be short in you stories? Good point… here is a Shortbread to reward you. (Don’t thank me they are in the cupboard for ages now and you shouldn’t be eating it, trust me.) Well, to answer your question, I preferred to start slowly.

I already write Lyrics in English the next step was…. NO! Not Poetry! This would tell me you don’t know me very well yet!  So let’s try again. A stand up? NO! Am I funny? No I’m not, way far from it, actually!

Last try!

A short novel! Yes!  Not too long, not too short, the perfect amount of words to spread you vibes through a brand new destination.

The problem is… I tend to go too far… So, I have to work twice as more than usual to get something correct.

I’ve got a lot of ideas and I don’t really know which one will be the one. I try all of them and then sort them out with an evaluation. This is the burden of being wild in writing. Being unable to set a frame to keep you away from digression… And I’m the Queen of “Sidetracking”. Yes, I am. I’m guilty your Honor.

So would you be happy to read the “Dear Diary” complete version in 2016?

Well I better dash as I still have a lot to do.

See ya folks!


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