English literature is spreading in Wallonia.


Last day I went grocery shopping in a store such as “Whole Food” or “Sainsbury” and in the literature section (yes we have that in our grocery stores) a new section appeared.
Usually we have French and translated from English books, but there was a tiny corner with proper English books. OK way more expensive than on Book Depository, but it just means that for me who hasn’t a “Waterstone” (as they have in Brussels) next door, I’m now able to look into their tiny selection.
This might be worthless for you, but for me it means a lot. And, for my wallet the nightmare is real.
I prefer English books cover and read in the original language a book is written because I had a huge disappointment when I read the last Stephen King in French… The translation was really poor and I got bored in a book I loved in its original language. So know I do my best to read as much as possible in English when the author write in the language.
It’s the same logic with television, or series. I’d rather watch the program in O.V.
So, I was a very happy bunny yesterday. Let’s hope it will go on!

See y’all folks


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