I’m the proud initiator of my self-inflicted allergy.


Believe it or not I became Allergic to my most appreciated spice… the devilish Cinnamon…

According to the doc, the circumstances I’m under going right now are a big deal in the new condition, but the probable hidden nervous breakdown as well.

I never take the time to rest properly. I’m like “Dory” in “Finding Nemo” I keep swimming because if I stop, I do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even the things I like to do.

And when I master in the “doing nothing” art I tend to get on the nerves of the people around me because I’m just like a giant piece of blob that just doesn’t move.

It happened once and hopefully I didn’t meet a lot of people and wasn’t around a lot of peeps as well because even socializing is hard.

So, I decided to go back on the reading path, to sooth my mind and escape this awful world we live in.

OK, I’m not sure that reading Stephen King, Maxime Chattam is a good idea. Well … I do the best I can.

I might go for a teen novel… I don’t know with one yet… if you have any ideas, just let me know !Well let’s go back swimming a bit… the week is almost over… oh wait! For me it never ends!

See y’all folks


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