OK, let’s be honest

Skyline of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Skyline of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Have you ever had the sensation you just don’t want to be at some place, but you’re obliged to? Well… welcome to my world.

It’s not that I don’t like what I’m doing in my day to day life, but it doesn’t fulfill me as it used to be and the environment is a bit more complex than that.

I feel it’s time for a change. A huge change, but in what direction? This is the tricky part.

As I can define now as an INFJ personality, I care a lot. Maybe too much. And, that’s where the problem is. How can you change who you are? Do you really need to? Can you really change what’s encrypted in your bones?

I’m sure it’s not possible as you always come back to your roots. But what if your life outside your personality would be elsewhere? Abroad… in the country of “Far Far away” at ten thousand light years from where you are right now.

What if you’re feeling, your life doesn’t belong to the place you are? What if you felt the urge to move? To take a plane, just to be able to breathe better, to feel better.

Some might call this a runaway, and I would agree to that until a certain point.

What I’m feeling right now isn’t a runaway feeling. It’s just that I’m not picturing myself here for the moment. Well to be honest I never pictured myself here. It’s just as if I was born in the wrong country. Totally the wrong one. You can ask my family, I always said I would leave Belgium someday.

Maybe I’m just getting back to my “root ideas”, maybe it’s part of the rebuilding process I don’t know.

So question: What do you do when you’re having such urge to leave?

See y’all soon folks.


4 thoughts on “OK, let’s be honest

  1. lifewithcayla says:

    Leave! I’m the same way, I have not felt so out of place in my life. I don’t want to leave where I was born and raised but I don’t want to be stuck there forever. I wanna show my town it’s ok to dream and move on. So plan to move. Do what makes you happy!

    Q: Are you wanting to move away or to Nashville??


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