Copyright question…


As you probably know I write… a lot… mostly books (Published yes yes) in French because I live in the French part of my tiny European country BUT also in English and mostly lyrics.

I don’t play any instruments, I don’t sing (not even in dreams because I might start the end of the world as we know it and to prevent that I only sing under the shower), but I’m fed up keeping these in the drawers. Some are used by some friends and I’m happy with that, but some I don’t even show them.

Should I post them here? Is it safe? They are registered, but… quid of the copyright outside Belgium…

Next step will be, of course, to take some guitar classes because it’s gonna be easier for me to figure out if it fits or not!

But don’t count on me to sing and post that on YouTube… no no…

Well, after the move… the copyright… told you… loads of questions in my poor brain for the moment.

See ya folks!


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