Writing books in music.


I can’t write without music. I just don’t it’s just something I can’t help.

For the “Dear Diary: Marked by the darkness “short novel, I listen constantly to this:

 And, when I feel low I just jump on:

or this

Well, yes I’m quite monomaniac in that particular situation because I need a certain sound.

Non the less this artist comes from the same city I’m from, so it adds a special vibe to it.

What about the “electro” music to write a Horror story? I don’t know, maybe because of the monkey style … the originality of it. The entire concept seduces me and I’m willing to help export it elsewhere. Way beyond the Belgian/ European borders of Music.

It is well known that music hasn’t borders. But would you pass the Monkey face. It forces ourselves to accept differences in the other beings.

That’s what I like in my born and raised region: We’re all different, but we are also as a group.

Some have renamed the entire Region “Carolofornia” (click on to see the website) and that’s it. We’re living in the “Pays noir” (literal translation would be : Black country/land , due to the amount of Coal mines we had in the area). Our (American) football team is called “The Coal miners”that gives you how much we’re attached to this region although we sometimes criticize it much more than we show it love.

Well all of that to update you on the “Dear Diary project.” It goes well…that’s why I don’t publish more extract on here because I faced a little technical problem of copyright on the cover I chose…

It has also been removed from Wattpad…

Well see you soon folks!


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