Is it difficult to care nowadays?

That’s the impression I have. We’re all surrounded by technologies and social media, but do we care for our relatives? Our real friends? We spend so much time self-centered that I feel guilty when I don’t think about me.


Scary zombie girl in old house

Scary zombie girl in old house

But is that always about us? I hate to see misery, sadness and horrible things on telly but, I can’t deny I’m so detach that I can’t even feel something. I feel like a psychopath… but I know I’m not because I feel a lot, maybe too much sometimes.

But what’s on telly just doesn’t make it boom in my heart. I’ve got inhibited feelings that just needs to go out, but just got really no one to talk about that. Surrounded by all those people, it’s when I feel the most lonely, the most selfish.

So, I decided to enter a social media hiatus. Just for a while because I’ve got things  to take care off.

Apart from Book related  purpose or biggie announcement, I won’t be answering Twitter/Instagram/Facebook private messages.

If you’ve got something to ask you’ve got my e-mail address. And for book related questions, my publisher’s.

This blog will still be updated along with the french one, but no more Social media for the needed period.

So I’ll get back to you soon.

Oh! A new category appeared on this blog: The Lyrics Library. These are registered and copyrighted so I hope I can trust you with these.

See ya soon folks!


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