Heart has reasons that reason itself ignores…


I love being what you consider an artist and I really would like to live from what I’m doing at some point. Last night I dreamed about it. I wasn’t undergoing bad pressure anymore; I was enjoying my life and was happy.

And then I woke up and remembered I had to get up and drive more than an hour to go to work.

It is necessary here in Belgium (and Europe in general, I guess), you cannot really live from the writing or if you can, it’s just because you are part of the lucky top 5.

It doesn’t mean that we give up on what we’re doing, absolutely not! But it also means that you have to work twice as more than the others to get a bit of the light coming your way. So this work isn’t for the lazy lads.

I got so much work for now that I can’t really write for me. I try to keep a rhythm, but I’ve got other responsibilities.

The third and final part of the trilogy is released this week in French. I can’t wait to translate it and introduce you to the characters. I’m sure you’re gonna love David.

Anyway, I will post you soon new texts from “Dear Diary”. Kind of a teaser for the release in 2016.

See ya folks.


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