Have you ever…


Have you ever been in a position where you go to work and you don’t have anything to do, except for looking at your feet or refreshing your mailbox all day? This is what’s happening now. My job is undergoing a new transformation for the second time in two years.

The first time it was OK to change, but this time I have the impression they don’t handle it in the correct way. So I’m left with nothing to do. I’m not someone who particularly likes to be “workless”. I’m more a workaholic type of girl than a lazy one.

Oh of course sometimes I like staying in my PJ’s watching Television with some tea. Or spend a day reading a book.

I’m just not ready to be jobless. I know the situation is terrible since mid-November. But this past month was the worse… well now… I’m not sure February won’t be even worse than January was.

I’ll have some things to keep me busy, but in my personal field. Maybe I should be ready to say goodbye to my job. Maybe it’s the time to fully launch the Publishing company and take up classes to expand the business?

I don’t know. I’m roller coasting this “Change curve” and I think I’m at the bottom now, so let’s get back on the top.

I still think of a relocation… Ireland… UK… Nashville…might be an option… let’s see what will come to me.

See you in a bit!



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