Being the butt of the joke…

Don’t mind the title I didn’t have any idea of what I could mention.

Did I mention my love for Dancing with the stars? I’m a huge fan. Well fan is a bit exaggerated, but I do really love watch dance competition on Television.

As I live in Belgium I have two and a half choices to watch DWTS.

First: France

Second: UK

Second and a half: USA.

Why second and a half? Just because the US channels aren’t broadcasting over here, except for some ESPN and CNN… oh! And E! (but this one is translated into French simultaneously and that is particularly annoying)

Well let’s get back on the topic : DWTS.

This year I couldn’t watch the UK one, I always forgot… So, I religiously watch the French one because we had a Belgian Contestant. But this particular one was even more special because he comes from the area I’m from. He represented Belgium to the Eurovision song contest in 2015 and we ended at the 4th place, which is quite good, knowing we’re able to have a great song or the worst.

Well I already knew Loïc was good at dance, but he performed so well that I’m wondering if DWTS France should continue next year… OK I’m kidding.

But just watch THAT performance and tell me what you think…

Or maybe this one…

I used to dance a lot… really a lot… I used to be someone who could spend any spare time hour without dancing. It was a serious addiction. In my opinion, Dancing gives you more endorphin than sex… yes you ready it correctly… maybe it’s just me, but that’s exactly what I think, but the point here is just that I miss dancing. I stopped years ago and now when I just try to move I feel like a bull in a china shop… or a concrete slab that is trying to move.

So, I tend to perform the finger dance … wondering what it is?


Well this blog at no point at all, but I missed you so much that I felt like writing something.



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