Oh… Good news !

Well I went through the « Dear Diary » Draft yesterday and guess what? This first sketch is nearly done! I thought I still had a lot to write, but in fact I was wrong. So, I think I’ll finish it, correct it as much as I can and ask friends to review it before submitting it to The Publisher.

This doesn’t mean it will be out really soon, but this means I can move forward sooner than expected.

I’m getting back to an exciting mode and the thrills are real guys. I already have the cover in mind although I had to change it because someone who has read this blog just copied the idea, and that’s not really a big deal because I came up with a better one. So, now I need to keep it for myself for the moment.

The Novel should be 100 pages long. Not more. Let’s see I can keep it that short.

See y’all



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