These things that hurt the most…


I’m someone who has quite a strong threshold regarding criticism. I always doubt. Always look in the mirror and analyze what could have been different.

In some other words self-criticism is kind of a way of living for me. Each action I’m doing, each word I’m saying, each word I’m writing is automatically scanned to be sure that’s what I want.

The things that hurt the most are unfounded criticism. Those things you inflict to yourself because you don’t have the answers. Those little words you heard that stay put in your mind and come again and again to take you down. Or the unspoken language that puts you through the process of getting hurt like the wave saying “get out of my sight/way” or the slight, but meaningful glance that tells you actually did something wrong.

Silence. Silence is what hurt the most.

It is the Capital Sentence of any relationship.

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