I wrote the words: « The End »

Scary zombie girl in old house

« Dear Diary » is now finished. Well the first draft.

My little helpers will be the key for this success and I really hope this short novel will be the one you were waiting for.

It’s a bit paradoxical to be happy to write the words « The end », but sometimes it is the occasion to celebrate other things.

The hard work I put in it to find you a short and quick story, was a real challenge because I can’t be short when I’m writing. All my novels are about 360 pages each, here I’m down to less than 100.

I’m stressed to let it out, but I have to. I have to prove myself I can do it.

So now, rework is real and I know I will struggle. But struggle is good, struggle means I will give all I have to give for this to be as perfect as it can be.

See you later !


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