Stuck in my own problems.


There are moments when you just can’t go farther.

And I’m in the middle of this dead end.

I thought my life would be better, I thought I’d feel better, but actually, although I want to go farther, I keep cross passing people that aren’t as good as I thought they would be.

One can only say it is a lot of thoughts for a brainless artist.

Maybe… I can admit that I probably broke my cortex in the process. I also broke my heart, my mind, my willingness to be happy. Something went wrong. Where I don’t know, but it did at some point. Enough to clearly state that I’m a loner.

I always defined myself as « quirky », but more I meet people more I don’t fit. To be part of the society you have to act a certain way, suppress your actual true self.

I can’t do it.

To fit in the society, you have to look a certain way and I clearly don’t fit.

So I’m loner… it’s kind of hard to admit .

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