Don’t ever lose your bubbliness


Giving your heart, giving your trust is the most important thing in a relationship.

Although they are made of compromise, don’t ever lose your bubbliness, what makes you different.

I did. And now I’m trying to let that person be again, but once you have buried it, your sparkle, if it can be saved, won’t shine as bright as it used to.

Mine is dead. I tried several times to revive it. To believe in others again, but I can’t. I’m not able to trust. I can make like I do, but deep inside I can’t.

The empty space the sparkle left when it died was a huge one and whatever I can do, nothing will be able to fill lit up.

I recently thought really hard that I found this piece, I found the foundation of a brand new one, but let’s face it: who would want a broken candle? Usually you let them sleep at the bottom of a drawer and only get them out, when your power is out or when you run out of your favorite scented one.

I’m that broken candle, but don’t tell anyone.

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