He was just another scam


That’s what I felt from the start.

Red flags floating. My brain screaming like an emergency alarm.

I don’t know why.

This time, I just didn’t ignore the messages.

The only thing is that it brought me back to what I am: a DFGYM (Designated Fat Girl You Mock.)

You can be the most caring and loving person, scams will always find a way to remind you that you’re not worth being loved.

They will nourish you with the bullshit you want to hear, but they won’t mean it a single second, then when they’re tired playing, they will let you without any news or « icebergy » response to your simple message.


So my dear DFGYM, get back on your feet and let those rot in their own lies.

I know you think you don’t deserve to be happy.

Flash news: you’re wrong.

You just need to create your own “Queendom”. You will decide everything.

Oh I’m not saying you won’t suffer anymore, but most of the time you will have the strength to avoid it, or avoid a greater pain by deciding you worth more than lies.


I’m a DFGYM, I want to change it.

Will you?




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