Tell me how can I breathe with no air.

That’s a question I keep asking myself (adding to the one I wonder if penguins have knees…), silly question isn’t it ?

Actually, not that silly because I’m breathing right now with no air. When you struggle in every aspect of your life and when you don’t see any favorable issue, it’s just like breathing with no air.

You go one step at a time. Trying to find every bit of oxygen you can find.

You go work,  you get paid for that and at the end, you don’t even have the ability to go out because the struggle is too real and the others won’t understand it because you’re lucky to have a work.

I agree, I’m really lucky (especially when you have a « mutli-gazilionaire » company as « Caterpillar » that is shutting down an entire factory in your neighbourhood (Gosselies, Belgium, Europe, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google is your friend).

This doesn’t mean things are less problematic.

Wait a minute, I’m not saying I’m the worst case in the world, I perfectly know I’m not. So don’t come here bugging me with those considerations, I’m the first one to help and that’s exactly what put me in this situation.

And that’s where I wanted to come: You need to think a bit about yourself before the others because anybody will care for you. At least not enough to stop you to be too kind and available.

At the contrary, they will make a fuss the first time you won’t be OK to help them, not because you don’t want to, but just because you’re not able to.

So be selfish sometimes. You need to. You owe it to yourself.

This will help you not to give everything and every bit of your heart and trust to somebody else. This will prevent you to breathe with no air.

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