Days go by…


And they  look so alike.

Well done Líle… well done… you wrote something, so you can return to what you’ve been doing for the past five months… Good work… *pet myself on the head*.

Actually… my days are pretty much the same. As I’m not super talented, work for others. I’m team average. And it’s alright. You need a team average in the world to help the others being better in what they’re doing.

Actually I might even be below the average. Mistakes are part of the game, but they’re hard to accept. I make a lot of them. Too many, in my opinion. I’m never good enough.

Sometimes it can help, but often it doesn’t. you feel like you are the worst person ever and you can’t do a “shit” right. When you are in the “up there” team it is accepted, but not in team average.

And it’s real in all kinds of situations:

Personal life: you make a mistake so you’re not worth the attention, you are the failure

Professional life: you make a mistake so you are as shitty as the one who preceded you. Maybe even worst because you were not supposed to make mistakes, so they don’t understand why they hired you.

So from your perfectly fine “team average”, you slowly slide towards the “Team failure”. Slippage is really thin in others mind. Be careful.

Being average has advantages and disadvantages. Pro’s and con’s. And accepting being average ain’t easy. You might be OK to live with, but living without you isn’t a problem either. You might seem nice, but you’re not fecking hilarious. Your IQ is average. Your hobbies are average.

Just tell yourself it is OK to be average. Tell yourself mistakes are part of the game. Tell the others to go feck themselves if they’re not happy with whom you are.

I know easier said than done. I’m the first one to take all the blame and say I’m the only one to be punished.

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