“You don’t know how strong you are…

… until being strong is your only choice.”


Thanks Bob (Marley) for this quote.

I couldn’t find a more powerful quote to describe what leads to be strong. I was the kind of person always showing a strong behavior, the one who never fails or crumble. The reality is totally different.

I was pretending to be strong, but inside I just crumbled a bit more each day. I refused to see what was just in front of me and continued to glue myself in a battlefield with my brain.

Then I had to admit. I still fight with this self-recognition of depression and anxiety problems, but along the episodes I accept them a little bit more each day. Every little step is important.

I authorize myself to be weak, but instead of showing a strong side, I choose to be strong when it’s needed. Don’t be fooled, I won’t cry in front of you, or if I shall it will be because I chose it to.

What is scary and reassuring at the same time is that a lot of people suffer from depression and anxiety, you feel less alone while still feeling lonely. I don’t know if does make sense, but that’s what I feel. I also noticed a lot of creative minds undergo such a struggle, so I keep faith in life and try to see the brighter side ahead.

I will let you with two songs I really love for the moment.


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