Alright alright

As the « Dear Diary » main work is done, I will probably jump on another one. I only have the time to write short text and it’s fine with me.

I also would like to translate the trilogy because I’m quite sure it might have a good reception overseas.

So, I might work on it in parallel, but only if I got time for it.

I’m not sure I’m gonna keep the « Dear Diary » title. This might seem much sweeter than it is in reality. Just let me know what you think. What would you imagine reading with this title ?

The subtitle is « Into the Darkness », but I’m not convinced either by this one … Author struggle…

I’ve also decided to go on exhibitions and music gig more often. Just let me know if you want me to give a highlight. I will for the English books I will read. This isn’t an option.reasontobreathe

Actually I’m reading « A reason to breathe » de Rebecca Donovan. I don’t have much time to read, but I fixed an objective of one book per month (I will alternate French and English ones.)

Well I better dash, I need to go sleeping a bit.

Have a nice evening my dears !



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