Nobody… but you…

This could have been the title of the next project. This might be. Or not.

This makes me think of an old (yes I said old… it was on the 1996 (first) Backstreet boys album. Sang by Kevin.  A bit different from the other tracks, this was the one I was listening to calm me down. Why? No idea.

The only thing I know:  the rhythm still provokes the same reaction.

So, I might have another English short novel on the way. I said might. It needs to mature a bit before I spill out the words, before the words hit the paper.

Projects tend to pile up. I need to make choices. Set my priorities. A lot of things interest me, but will I lose myself again by trying too much things at the same time. I don’t know. Will I find this right balance between reason and passion? Am I made to find this point? Only Captain Malcolm Reynolds  knows.

Oh by the way. I met Nathan Fillion this weekend. Nothing to report apart he is a real sweetheart. And will stay in my esteem on the highest level.

I better Dash. I’m scrutinized and I know I’d better be doing something else.

Se y’all soon folks.

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