Siobhán will be available in two tiny weeks.



After two years it was about time I release another book.

I don’t know if I can say I’m exited because I’m genuinely scared.

First book in English, a Novella, not my style at all, but it was sitting here waiting for me to grab the courage to push it into this world. Maybe it’s not good, surely it needs improvement.

For the moment it will be available only in Belgium in France in its paper version, because the price tag is different, and shipping costs from Belgium to other countries are so expensive it would make it like you paid twice the book.

So what I would suggest, would be to wait for its electronic release for you to get it if you’re abroad and for those who are in Belgium and France, to come meet me at the book fairs I will be attending because I doubt that libraries will be interested in a book in English unfortunately.

Nonetheless, I’m thrilled it’s out and I’ll be happy to present it because it was really fun to write and the first reader are quite enthusiastic and find it too short, which is good news, isn’t it?

So you just have to wait two more weeks to discover it. Two tiny little weeks.

Then you know what you have to do!



Book fair: the challenge.

For those who are not familiar with the backstage of a book fair, you might think everything is cool, everything’s fine, every person you will meet will be nice.

The closer you look the more wrong you get. How? Just because you start realizing people aren’t always the joyful and kind person you think. A lot of them are there to sell their book no matter what and it’s rare to see an author or a publisher refusing a sale to a public for whom it’s not the appropriate content.

I saw a lot of them talking shit about the readers and then suddenly they change when someone is interested in their books.

I took the habit not sitting behind my chair and let the reader come and manipulate the object, when he/she asks questions, I answer simply without saying I’m the author. And then when I ask if they want a signature, you see the smile appearing on their face. This is priceless, the smile they give you, the conversation, the ideas exchange you have with them. Not the book you will sell.

I must admit sometimes it’s hard to be in a good mood every minute, but if you look really carefully, you will find something fun to cheer you up in the hypocritical world.

I hate that hypocritical side of this world, but when you put a smile on someone’s face, this will lingers with you the following days.