Time flies

Yes, it does. Whatever you do to save time for yourself, it just flies by without you noticing a single second missing.

I’ve been overwhelmed by a series of events lately, and this just continues to overflow my daily schedule. I have to schedule my day. I suffer from burn out and severe depression which leads me to over love my bed and avoid people the best I can.

So, scheduling my day with repetitive tasks is the best way I found to not go insane.

I want to go back to the gym, but I’m physically weak and so I need to take it slow. After 4 solid months without any solid food, I’m eating again. When you cannot destroy yourself in a certain way, your sick brain finds another one to get you under the weather or worst, six feet under.

“My name is Siobhán” is out in Belgium since end of november and the electronic version will be soon available worldwide.

Amazingly this novella recieved a positive welcome and I hope this will continue.

I’m still translating the trilogy and writing another novel in English, but the coming plans are to finish my new thriller in french and expect a publication in 2020.

Time flies… 2020 is already tomorrow…

“You don’t know how strong you are…

… until being strong is your only choice.”


Thanks Bob (Marley) for this quote.

I couldn’t find a more powerful quote to describe what leads to be strong. I was the kind of person always showing a strong behavior, the one who never fails or crumble. The reality is totally different.

I was pretending to be strong, but inside I just crumbled a bit more each day. I refused to see what was just in front of me and continued to glue myself in a battlefield with my brain.

Then I had to admit. I still fight with this self-recognition of depression and anxiety problems, but along the episodes I accept them a little bit more each day. Every little step is important.

I authorize myself to be weak, but instead of showing a strong side, I choose to be strong when it’s needed. Don’t be fooled, I won’t cry in front of you, or if I shall it will be because I chose it to.

What is scary and reassuring at the same time is that a lot of people suffer from depression and anxiety, you feel less alone while still feeling lonely. I don’t know if does make sense, but that’s what I feel. I also noticed a lot of creative minds undergo such a struggle, so I keep faith in life and try to see the brighter side ahead.

I will let you with two songs I really love for the moment.