Siobhán will be available in two tiny weeks.



After two years it was about time I release another book.

I don’t know if I can say I’m exited because I’m genuinely scared.

First book in English, a Novella, not my style at all, but it was sitting here waiting for me to grab the courage to push it into this world. Maybe it’s not good, surely it needs improvement.

For the moment it will be available only in Belgium in France in its paper version, because the price tag is different, and shipping costs from Belgium to other countries are so expensive it would make it like you paid twice the book.

So what I would suggest, would be to wait for its electronic release for you to get it if you’re abroad and for those who are in Belgium and France, to come meet me at the book fairs I will be attending because I doubt that libraries will be interested in a book in English unfortunately.

Nonetheless, I’m thrilled it’s out and I’ll be happy to present it because it was really fun to write and the first reader are quite enthusiastic and find it too short, which is good news, isn’t it?

So you just have to wait two more weeks to discover it. Two tiny little weeks.

Then you know what you have to do!



Why did I choose Siobhán as main character name? And other news…

First of all, please let’s talk about the pronunciation.

Siobhán = shiv + awn

I know some of you know how to pronounce it, but to be clear and don’t flay it anymore.

It’s an Irish name and that means “God is gracious” and is related to these names: Joan, Joanne, Joanna, Jane, Sinéad.

I really like this name and I know as I won’t have children but I had a daughter I would have loved to call her this way, but the point isn’t here.

I’ve always been attracted to Irish names and I’ve decided to use them in every single Novel or short novel I’ll be writing in English (not the translations, the novels originally written in English).

I find this name strong and soft at the same time, the one of a kind name, you can’t forget.

Let’s get to the other topics.

I restarted the translation of the trilogy. I got the principal title along with the 3 subs ones and the covers. So it’s working quite well.

I also started 2 other English projects, so I switch from one to another following the inspiration.

I’m quite happy with the journey I’m accomplishing, coming from a non-self-confident person to someone who dares much more than I used to.

“My name is Siobhán”, release date : End of November 2017 – LiLys Editions

I’m flying to Ireland next week. Back to the Homeland, promise I’ll post some pictures.

That’s all for today folks.





That’s a good news

“Dear Diary” has changed title. Its name is now “My Name is Siobhán” and its release will occur by the end of November 2017. I’m happy it is finally happening; this is a pocket format, with 149 pages. I’m not used to have such a short work, but this will be a good exercise.

I’m now looking for promotion option in Belgium. This will be a bit difficult, but hey… Nothing is impossible!

I already have options to meet Waterstone and an English library called Cook&Book.

I still have plenty of time to think about that. I will realease the cover soon, stay tuned.

Have a wonderful day!


Nobody… but you…

This could have been the title of the next project. This might be. Or not.

This makes me think of an old (yes I said old… it was on the 1996 (first) Backstreet boys album. Sang by Kevin.  A bit different from the other tracks, this was the one I was listening to calm me down. Why? No idea.

The only thing I know:  the rhythm still provokes the same reaction.

So, I might have another English short novel on the way. I said might. It needs to mature a bit before I spill out the words, before the words hit the paper.

Projects tend to pile up. I need to make choices. Set my priorities. A lot of things interest me, but will I lose myself again by trying too much things at the same time. I don’t know. Will I find this right balance between reason and passion? Am I made to find this point? Only Captain Malcolm Reynolds  knows.

Oh by the way. I met Nathan Fillion this weekend. Nothing to report apart he is a real sweetheart. And will stay in my esteem on the highest level.

I better Dash. I’m scrutinized and I know I’d better be doing something else.

Se y’all soon folks.

Dear Diary : News

Scary zombie girl in old house

Hey My Loves

Good news, the text is now final and an illustrator is on the cover project.

First it will be electronically released. Paper copy will be available for the people who were beta-reading it and for European countries only.

This might seem a bit radical, but living here in a French speaking country and not having a provider in English speaking countries makes the product price go up (dramatically), and I don’t even talk about shipping cost. We will try to find a way to ship overseas, but it’s not a priority as for now.

So keep sneaking around here, because you’ll get news very soon!

See y’all


I have some delay.


OK, life is a bit tricky.

When I thought problems were out of the way, they keep coming back because someone is not taking his responsibilities, but you know what?

After all the junk that happened in Brussels lately, I find it really not important. He can do whatever he can do to destroy who I am, he won’t succeed because he is junk.

That being said, I’m more and more attracted to describe a bit more in my novels which isn’t something I do as the French/Belgian prefer keeping some imaginary parts. They prefer getting their own vision of the characters, but I will change that.


Because I just have a goal, and this is reaching out to you overseas, over oceans. You, who are coming to this blog. You, who are reading this. You, who support me in every way you can.

I want to be able to touch you the way I’m trying to touch people here, in my tiny country.

You are important too.

I won’t lie, I have a lack of inspiration for the next story, but is “Dear Diary” is getting enough audiences I will translate my series. I promise.

Well if you have any ideas on what I should write on (no vampires, no fantasy please), just let me know.

See you soon folks!